Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4-8, 2015- 9th Literature- Mrs.Morris/Ms.Carson

Quote of the week:

"Heroes aren't born, they're made."- Unknown

Words to Know:
heroes,  mythology, quest, argonaut, epic, Trojan War, narcissus, echo,
nymph, Greek myths, journey.

Warm- Up- (review notes) "Who's Who on Mount Olympus"
Heroes in Mythology (PowerPoint)
Jason & the Argonauts

Warm- Up (review notes) The Twelve Gods...
ESSAYS: Gods on Mount Olympus
Jason & the Golden Fleece (study guide)

Warm-Up- (How to Identify a Hero) (Notes)
Jason & The Argonauts (study guide)
Film Analysis (Jason vs. Hercules)

Warm-Up (Reading Strategies for Mythology)
Who was Hercules?
Annotating Article (Hercules....god or demigod?)

Warm-Up- (The Trojan War) notes...
What Would You Do?  (Intro to The Odyssey)
Film- (clips from "TROY")
Anticipation Guide (The Odyssey)